Our Director

Selina Ree

Our Director Selina Ree has spent her life honing her skills in vocal performance, she is a McMaster Graduate in vocal performance that can't keep her hands out of Barbershop... Literally! She was first introduced to Barbershop when she was 16 by her Mother, Wanda. After studying genres such as classical, opera and baroque her appeal to this style lingered. Since graduating she has been a front line director for three years, we are thrilled to have her skills and enthusiasm to our weekly rehearsals.
Although she is new to the Barrie area, Selina continuously enriches the musical landscape of Collingwood, sharing her passion and joy for singing with the community. At 27, she has already accomplished so much. Operating her own Voice and Piano Studio with a roster of 46 students ages 5 - 65, Director of the Collingwood Children's Choir and the SINGCLUB.
Selina is enormously passionate about her adventure with the Barrie Soundwaves, this is a journey together as singers, performers and artists. Her favourite part about working with a chorus is finding creative ways to inspire everyday people find their voice and become performers. So if you are looking for a place to explore the voice, learn to sing well and take on a new challenge, The Barrie Soundwaves under the direction of Selina Ree might be the place to start.
Singing is an art form, and as with any art form the possibilities are endless. The imagination and spirit are all part of the voice. Why not sing because you can? Sing because it feels good, it makes you live longer and helps deal with the daily toxins and stresses in our lives. We need to sing out, be artistic and confident in all that we do!
Sing Forte - Selina Ree
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