Young Singers in Harmony

Four-part harmony, a cappella style!

We are committed to offering workshops to young people age 13 to 17 who love to sing. Our aim is to introduce them to the art of singing four-part harmony, a cappella style. With the resurgence of three- and four-part a cappella singing in so much of today’s music, we want young people to experience the joy of 'ringing a chord'.

The one-day intensive workshop costs $10 per person. Our guests are provided with sheet music and learning tracks when they register. Participants choose which part they feel they are best able to sing. During the workshop, section leaders provide instruction to help learn two songs. The day ends with a performance for friends and families by the young people and our chorus. Lunch is provided and our guests leave with a memento of the day.

More than one hundred young girls have taken part in the workshop in past years. Future workshops will be open to young people of all genders.

It has been our experience that our workshop participants bond with chorus members and together they enjoy a fun, fast-paced day filled with music. Our young guests are invited to return and join the chorus in future shows and/or Christmas concerts.
Our chapter emphasizes that this program is not intended to solicit membership of any of the participants into the organization. It is only intended to introduce the joy and fun of singing four-part harmony.

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